Discover non touristy spots of Gran Canaria

🚙 We know all the secret and hidden places of the island 🚙

Natural Swimming Pool
In the north of Gran Canaria there are several natural swimming pools in which you can bathe during low tide.
Natural Reserve Tamadaba
Canarian forests of 1200 meters height is a very spectacular conservation area. The entire zone has a great amount of hiking routes. In the picnic area it is also possible to barbecue.
Old Brine Baths and Swimming
Bathing at La Peña del Elefante (a special rock formation) is only possible with a calm ocean, so this is perfect for days with fewer waves for surfing. Watch the sunset at the Charco de la Paloma and bathe surrounded by volcanic rocks.
Roque Nublo
A very famous route, which you can find in every guidebook. The Roque Nublo is a noted place in Gran Canaria and is located in the center of the island almost 2000 meters high. Spectacular views are waiting for you!
Artenara Cave Houses and View of Tenerife
Visit 700 cave houses and say hello to the neighbour island Tenerife with its huge mountain Teide.
Barranco de Guayadeque
A spectacular natural area with brilliant green colour and its rich vegetation, flora and fauna. Moreover there is a cave house at the route to this area which is used as a restaurant since a long time.
Cuevas Cenobio de Valerón
Perfect for learning something more about the Canarian culture. The historical villages are near the ocean, so you can relax while taking a refreshing bath at the beach of Bocabarranco or in one of the natural bathing pools.
West Side Tour
This is one of the most beautiful tours because it unites the very best of the west coast. Explore El Faro de Sardina (lighthouse), El Puerto de las Nieves (fishing village), and Andén Verde (amazing view).
Playas Vírgenes
It's the place to be for those who are looking for a calm spot to escape the big city’s noises. You can take a bath and have a picnic at the beach, far away from everything else.
El Confital
A magical place of the city Las Palmas. Tracks between volcanic rocks, crystal clear water and a always shining sun. Easily reached by walk.