How can I book my surf holidays?

Make a booking request on this website. After receiving our confirmation, you will be asked to fill out a link with personal information, arrival time, your surf level etc. You will also find there information about the payment procedure.

The whole communication will be answered by the travel agency “Siete Alisios SL” (License number I-AV-0003576.1 All offers on this website will be operated through this agency.

How many days in advance should I book?

We’re usually fully booked during the months of October through February. To escape the bad weather in the rest of Europe at that time, make sure to book well in advance. Anyhow, we always try to satisfy everybody and find a solution even with last minute bookings.

Can I change the dates later?

Normally we try to be as flexible as possible. If we still have free space, there should not be a problem in changing your booking dates. However, depending on other requests and season of the year, this may not always be possible.

Are there fixed days for the check-in/ out?

No! You can come and leave at any time that is best for you.

I want to stay longer, can I?

If we have free beds and spots in the surf school, of course.


What surf spots are nearby?

The most famous are the Beach break of “La Cicer” perfect for beginners and intermediate surfers, the Reef break “La Barra” good for learning on speed reef barrels, and the Point break “Los muellitos” good for intermediate levels and longboarding. “El Lloret” and of course “El Confital” are the top quality waves that you can surf at Las Palmas, perfect for advanced surfers looking for deep barrels or long powerful waves.

Do I have to surf every day?

In general, it is possible that you stay longer than your surf course is, but as we want you to improve fast the surf lessons are every day in a row. You have the opportunity to rent our surf material if you want to surf on your own after the surf course.

Do you also offer private lessons?

Yes, definitely. Two persons are the maximum number of students and classes will include the material. Check out the price list in packages section.

What if I have never surfed before?

Not a problem at all! Our surf instructors are the best when it comes to teaching beginners, even those who are afraid of the water.
Because we have groups of maximum six persons, guided by 1-2 teachers, we really take close care of all our students, correcting personally in and out of the water every movement that needs to be improved.

What do I learn in the very first surf lesson?

If it is your first time ever on a surfboard, there will be a lot for you to learn on the first day:
• Basic knowledge about the board and the waves
• How to position yourself properly on the board
• How to paddle in the most effective way
• How to control your board
• How to protect yourself in a breaking wave
• How and when to stand up
• Safety rules and tips to be safe in the water

How long is the surf lesson?

Every surf lesson takes 2 hours, including warm-ups before entering and stretching once you’re out.

What do I need to bring to the surf lesson?

Normally you don’t need to take anything because you will get a wetsuit and the board in the school. However, it is wise to take some water and a towel. We provide a safe storage place for everything to leave in the school while you’re in the water.

What is the difference between surf lessons and surf trip?

Surf lessons are for beginners as well as for advanced surfers and are held at “La Cicer” beach, 5 minutes walking distance from our accommodation.
Surf Trips are for intermediate or advanced level surfers and can be surf sessions with a guide or standard surf lessons given on other spots of the island. Normally surf trips are not given in Las Palmas. Depending on the swell and wind conditions, we choose the best option to surf according to your level.

Do I need to bring my own surfboard for a surf trip?

If you want to bring your own board, we’re fine with that but at our Surf hostel you will find some options for intermediate-advanced levels. Most of the material is for beginners (softboards) but we also have some Minimalibus Epoxy around 7 foot, some shortboards 5’10”, 6’2”, 6’4” and 6’11.

What is the best season for surfing in Las Palmas?

All year round. We are located on a magic place of the Atlantic. There’s always a perfect wave breaking somewhere nearby. Good winds can be found thanks to our conditions of being an island.

Do you provide surf equipment for free after the lessons?

If you book a surf package, this will be already included in your price. If you want to rent boards just for some days, you can ask our staff about it.

What happens if the lesson is cancelled due to unexpected weather conditions?

If the waves in Las Palmas are not good, we have some alternatives to be offered. However, money will not be refunded in any case if the lesson is canceled due to a major reason out of our control.


How far are the accommodations to the beach?

Although not all our accommodations have an ocean view, all our accommodations are right at the beach, so you need 0-5 min to get there by foot.

How far are the surf spots?

Las Palmas has 39 different peaks to be surfed. Just at Las Canteras Beach you will find more than 18 surf spots for all levels from a sandy beach break to reef and rocky point breaks. All of them are a maximum 15 min walking distance from our accommodations.

Are the meals included?

We don’t offer any meals. All our Apartments are self-catering places with the possibility of preparing your own food. Close by, you will also find a very popular bakery, a supermarket and lots of bars and restaurants where you can enjoy local food for cheap prices.

Is there a Wifi in the accommodations?

Yes, in all our accommodations there is a free wifi. The signal is very good even for a remote workers.

Do I have to bring my own towel?

No! All the accommodations have bedsheets and towels.

Are there accommodations for more than 2 people?

Definitely yes! Let us know how many people you want to come with and we find you the perfect accommodation.


How can I get there?

The nearest airport of Las Palmas is located just 16 km south of the city. To get to the capital you need 20 minutes driving by car or 30 minutes going by bus.

You can book a transfer with us from the airport. The transfer has to be payed directly to the driver on the arrival. After giving us your flight information, there will be someone of our staff to pick you up and bring you back to the airport.

If you want to come individually, the easiest way is to take bus number 60 or 91 to Parque Santa Catalina (10 mins from our Apartments). Further instructions will be given upon arrival.

If you have a car rented then take the highway GC-1 to Las Palmas, always following the sign “Mesa y Lopez”. We will give you the specific address according to your booked accommodation.

If you arrive in a taxi, let the driver know the address which we will give you. There will be someone from our staff welcoming you.

How are the guests of the Feel Surf Camp?

We welcome everyone at every age! Usually, our guests are between 24 and 35 years old and half of our guests travel alone. You won’t be alone for long as we try to connect our guests as best as possible.

I want to complain. How can I do this?

Please get in touch with us: or call us at +34 654 901 298.


How are the weather and temperature?

The weather on the island is most of the time sunny, never too hot or too cold. In winter it can happen that the water temperature is the same as the air or even warmer. The average air temperature is 19-23 degrees. The hottest months are august and september.

What is the temperature of the ocean?

The water of Gran Canaria will never be too COLD. On average it’s about 19°C (66°F)- 23°C (69°F), reaching its warmest August through September. Even though during the summer months the weather is not really hot. Summer time is more like a warm spring at Las Palmas!

Can I rent a car or bike?

Of course. It costs 25€ to rent a car for one day. A bike can be rented with the app sitycleta.

How is the nightlife in Las Palmas?

There are many options to have a great night in Las Palmas. Whether around the beach or in the city (Triana, Vegueta) there are many options of bars and discos. Most bars close at 2 am and discos and clubs at 6am.

What are the prices in Las Palmas?

Compared to the rest of Europe, Gran Canaria and even its capital Las Palmas, have pretty good prices. You can get the daily menu in restaurants (starter+main+desert+drink) for prices around 10€. As in the rest of Spain, beer and wine are cheap. Fruits and vegetables are incredibly cheap and tasty. It is the same for public transportation, taxi rides, tobacco, and gasoline, going to the cinema or using the internet.