More than a Surf Camp


“Surfing for us is more than just a fashion. We don’t like the stereotypes of surfing as a lifestyle, nor do we want to represent surfing as a sport that is about wearing branded clothing, acting as cool as possible and standing on a beach, surrounded by blonde girls. We see surfing more as a possibility to be connected with the ocean and nature. It is a great way to do sport, discover new places, get to know more people and have a good time together. It’s a possibility to express yourself and just be who you are.”



To give something back to the island and not only take from it
The Surfers’ Forest was born on the island of Gran Canaria. We decided to change the actual economic model based on indiscriminate exploitation of natural resources, including the tourism industry, CO2 emissions and petroleum based products used in the surfing industry. Since nowadays there are hardly any processes that prevent these emissions, the only way to reduce them would be balancing them through compensation. Therefore, the best solution found for the benefit of the island and the environment has been reforestation.