FEEL Surfcamp team always at your service!



Founder of the FEEL Surfcamp, full time Father, Plants addict (it's not how it sounds, he is really into trees, flowers and the whole flora), Surfer and Ocean Lover.
He loves doing Guided Surf Trips where he teaches intermediate and advanced surfers to improve even more. In charge of Day Trips as well and eventually back to his past job as "The Pájaro Azul" taking crazy water photos.



Founder of the SEE Yoga, Wife of Jordi, full time Mother, Yoga and Meditation Teacher and occasional Singer. She is teaching Yoga lessons for our guests. Alert! After the lesson with Laura, you won't be the same. There is a danger of finding yourself. Her good energy and positivity are contagious and sometimes that's all you need.




Beach lover and always on the search for some sunny spots to get a nice tan. You can experience her wonderful, powerful and positive energy at one of her dance classes. She is an amazing person who will make all your wishes regarding your Surf and Yoga trip come true. She is one if the best organised people, so you have nothing to worry about as she's got everything under control.



Owner of La Ventana Azul Hostel (which we offer as accommodation), a Good Friend of Jordi and Surfer. Despite his Austrian style, he is doing great changes in the hostel to make the guests feel at home. You can spot him barbecuing on the rooftop or in his truck, always bringing some new stuff to the hostel.



Manager at La Ventana Azul Hostel, former Intern of Surfcamp, a Good Friend of Jordi, Surfer and now also a full time Father! Paul is welcoming everybody at the reception of the hostel with a big smile and positive energy. We never ever saw Paul angry or stressed, so please let us know if you will see it! We'll be there to film it!




Well, such a crazy french girl she is.
Always messy hair, freckless happy face and skate or surf board always in her hand. You would say she is such a rebel and adventure soul (what she also is), but despite her cool and rebel´s look she is truly cute, smiley person with big heart always ready to help you. She is really smart as well as she speaks fluently in english and spanish, so she will definitely speak with everyone.
With Axelle there is only laugh and fun - never really boredom, trust me!



If you are asking who is the most organized intern in our camp, then it is definitely Kirsten. Her agenda is full of colors and we love it! She is originally from Germany, but since she is a travel lover, she already experienced surfing in Australia, France or …? Now, she is enjoying the waves of Las Palmas which she will be so happy to share with you! Secret tip: talk to her about Harry Potter and she will become your best friend!



Passionate Yogi, Free Spirit and Flower Lover. Always on the move discovering the most beautiful places of our paradise Island, she has all the best tips to give for the nature seekers! She’ll greet you with a beautiful smile, peaceful vibes and her famous purple fancy glasses! (The ones that she puts on at night, showing you her favorite places to party!) And more than being an awesome guide, she is also giving inspiring Yoga classes in our studio.



Surf and Bodyboard Instructor, Head of the Surf School. During your first surf lesson ever, Oswaldo will teach you, among other things, how to make the most fun of it. You are only disqualified if you are not smiling and enjoying yourself!
Surf and Bodyboard Instructor, Brother of Oswaldo and a True Man of the Sea. He rides all types of waves, on anything which can be considered as a board. Isaac has won numerous titles and is ready to teach you some advanced techniques.