Treat your surfboard right

December 12, 2021
surf trip guided

So you finally managed to get your own surfboard – congratulations ?! And since it was not a cheap item, you want to take good care of it. Yes, we understand… Your surfboard will probably become something like your baby ? now. Here are a few tips on how to treat your surfboard right so it makes you happy for a long time!

Salty water, sun, sand, wind, but also time. All of these things leave their footprints on the board that you love so much, on its surface and also on its structure. If you do not take proper care of it, you will not only be able to surf on it for a shorter period of time, but also you will not be able to enjoy the smooth ride on the waves. So, what should you do to keep your baby in perfect condition?


So you are taking your baby for a ride to the ocean? Great! But there are some things you should think about! First of all, you should try to ❗avoid putting the sand on the board❗ If it is possible, try not to put the board in the sand, because it may destroy its surface. If there is no other way to for example do a warm-up, at least put the board to the sand upside down (with the skegs up). 

surfboard on the beach

And when we speak about putting the board to the ground, please, ❗never let anyone stand on it while it´s situated on dry land❗ Why? Because this way, you could easily destroy the bottom of your board! Even practicing your pop-up on sand may be dangerous for your board. Instead of using a board for your practice, you can simply use a yoga mat or you can even indicate the shape of the board in the sand!

Another thing you should avoid is ❗touching the board if you have some leftovers of the sunscreen on your hands❗ The chemicals in the sunscreen may cause damage as well! It´s never a bad idea to wash your hands before touching the board!


❗Always wear a leash❗ We know that we have said this before in our article about surf ethics. But wearing a leash is not only important for keeping you and other surfers safe. It´s also a great way of how to keep your board safe while surfing! Wearing a leash, you have a better chance to maintain control over your board, which means that you can prevent it from getting scraped on rocks or other rough surfaces.

surf trip guided

While riding the wave to the shore, be careful not to run your surfboard to the sand❗ The reason is, again, very easy – you do not want to scratch the bottom of your board, right? So just jump out of it once you are close enough to the shore…


Once you are done with enjoying the waves and the ocean for today, it´s a good idea to rinse your loved surfboard in ocean water❗(not sweet water – to save the planet and perform more sustainable surfing) to get rid of the sand and salt that may cause some minor issues over a long period of time, or above all, that could make a mess in your car and house.

You also might want to get rid of the wax❗ that stayed stick to the board. To do it, you need to leave your surfboard in the sun, so that the wax melts. Once it´s melt down, use a wax comb or any kind of cloth to remove it from the board. 

Another thing you should always keep in mind is that you should never leave your board in the sun for a long time❗ This is especially true if we are talking about leaving it in the locked hot car! Think about this also while storing the board – you should not store it in the direct sunlight! If you do so, your board will turn yellow and cause pressure issues. 

how to store the boards

Talking about storing the board, you should keep it in the corner❗ – to position the board only against one wall could be considered a hazard. Do not forget that the bottom of the board is round so the board can easily slip and fall to the ground. So find a safe place, where your board can wait for you until you jump on it next time!

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