El Confital – the place of many faces

October 13, 2021

The best surf spot in Europe. The place to watch the most beautiful sunset in the city. The location with the best views of the whole Canteras bay. One of the most beautiful beaches of the city . Special Conservation Zone. The area that used to be a shame of Las Palmas. The neighborhood that was supposed to become the biggest commercial area of ​​the capital. Let us introduce you El Confital – the place of many faces.

When you step out of your accommodation, get to Playa de Las Canteras and look to the right sight facing the ocean, you will see that there is a place worth discovering. You will know it according to the big dark volcanic hills that suddenly grow from the ocean. Please do not hesitate and let yourself discover the place – we promise that you will not be disappointed! And until then, let us introduce you to this special area a little more. 

? Natural extension of Las Canteras

El Confital is located on the peninsula of  La Isleta  – the northernmost part of the city and is a natural extension of  Playa de Las Canteras . These two parts of the coast are connected by  La Puntilla  promenade, a beautiful path with a lot of ?viewpoints with breathtaking views, ?secret beaches with volcanic rocks, and lots of ?fishermen trying to catch something delicious for dinner. That is why we recommend you access El Confital on foot  (even though you can also do it by car). 

So after a nice and easy walk (not more than ?30 minutes from our Surf Hostel), you find yourself on  one of the best beaches  of the city of Las Palmas. But do not expect parasols and deck chairs, this  beach is really natural and not touristic at all.  It is a place admired by locals who go there during the weekends to have picnics with their families, to organize grill parties with their friends, or just to enjoy time with their loved ones.  

Another reason why we consider it to be one of the best beaches of Las Palmas is ? the cleanliness of the ocean and the rich underwater life.  Because of its rich biodiversity, El Confital bay is also a  place of geological interest . So take your ?snorkel and dive into the crystal clear water, or just go and ?‍♀️swim in the quiet swimming area. If you are not a good swimmer, you can just cool yourself on one of the “mini beaches”  with smooth stones where you can simply enjoy the water without the danger of big and strong waves. Just please, be careful and do not slip while walking on the rocks!?

Oh, and we should not forget to mention that this place is one of the few nudist beaches in Gran Canaria. So if you prefer sunbathing without bikinis, this is a place for you!?

? The best surf spot in Europe

If you are looking for one of Europe´s top waves ? then you definitely should not miss the waves of El Confital. Warning: these waves are not suitable for beginners! The fast, barreling, right-handed point break is great for really skilled surfers only! During the winter months, this place offers waves up to four meters high! So you really should be an expert in surfing to surf here… In fact, El Confital once hosted a world-class surfing event called ASP WQS sponsored by Red Bull.

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? The sunset spot

Are you looking for  a romantic place to enjoy the sunset  with your loved one? Or do you want to take perfect pictures to  remember your surf adventure in Gran Canaria forever?  Well,  visit El Confital during the sunset!  Believe us, that is the thing you will never regret … 

There are two options for you:

1️⃣If you are a little lazy after all of these surf sessions, just watch the sunset from the wooden path  that was built on the beach not so long time ago. This option is ideal if you also want to make some pick-nick during this amazing natural theater. 

2️⃣But if you are more adventurous and sitting on the beach is not enough for you, do a little hike to the top of the volcanic hill! ?There is an amazing viewpoint called  Mirador de La Luz  with a cross on the top of the hill! This way, you will not only enjoy the sunset above the Canteras bay but above the  whole city of Las Palmas … And we love that so much!

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Shamy past of the bay

The reputation of El Confital has not always been as glorious as it is in these days… From the 80s to the beginning of the 21st century, this place was crowded with shacks. Multitude shacks where poor people with no resources lived, where there was no law or order. El Confital was a place where the dealing of hard drugs was constant… Finally, in 2004 the shantytown was destroyed and eradicated. The slums disappeared and the shamy times of this beautiful part of Las Palmas were put into the past. But on this video, you can see how it looked like in El Confital …

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And you know what? If you want to discover this area, you do not have to do it on your own… You have us to help you with that! Let us invite you for a volcanic sunset trip to El Confital, during which we will tell you many more interesting things about this place of many faces, show you where to take the best pictures and take you up to the hill to finish the day with a breathtaking sunset! This trip is organized by Feel Surf Camp weekly. We can´t wait to see you in El Confital?

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