Best Beaches of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

February 25, 2021

Even though Las Palmas is the capital city of Gran Canaria, it has plenty of opportunities to enjoy the ocean on the sandy beaches. Here are the most famous beaches of Las Palmas, each of them unique and with lots of things to do! 

? Las Canteras ?

More than 3 kilometers of sandy beach, that is the famous Playa de Las Canteras. City’s biggest beach which offers everything from sports to food areas. Because of its length, the beach is divided into different parts, each of them unique with something different. 

?‍♀️ La Cicer ?‍♀️

The most southern part of Las Canteras beach is called La Cicer. This part is well-known as a surf spot in Gran Canaria. You can find many surf schools there offering beginner surf lessons and also our surf camp! The waves on this beach are really good for beginner surfers but not that good for swimmers, so be careful with that! 


During the low tide, there are people playing beach tennis or football. Going up to the promenade, there are a few restaurants and bars. You can easily find really good and healthy food up there such as fresh fruit bowls, pokés, or smoothies. On the edge of the promenade is a shopping center called Las Arenas.  

? Peña de la Vieja ?

The center point of Las Cantera beach is called Peña de la Vieja. This part is good for swimming and snorkeling as the waves are smaller because of the rocks. The area is full of restaurants with a nice ocean view. Also, don’t forget to taste here the best ice cream in Las Palmas!

? Playa Chica ?

Popular snorkeling area full of colorful fish and corals. There are no sunbeds or parasols, so this little beach has an amazing non-touristic atmosphere. However, it has plenty of restaurants and bars on the promenade.

?️ Playa Grande ?️

The last part of Las Canteras beach situated in the north is called Playa Grande. Probably the most touristic part of Las Canteras as the water here is suitable for families. The underwater volcanic barrier makes sure that the waves here are never too big. You can rent sunbeds and umbrellas and just chill and enjoy your surf holidays or vacation. Most of the hotels are situated near this area as well as restaurants with local food, bars, and small shops.


? El Confital ?

The best sunset spot of Las Palmas is definitely El Confital beach. Famous for surfers who go to practice for championships there. It is a rocky beach without sand but there are many seat areas where you can have a picnic while watching a breathtaking sunset over the hills. The walk from Las Canteras beach is around 30-40 minutes but it is definitely worth it. Just don’t forget to take some food and drink as there are no shops nearby.

? Las Alcaravaneras ?

Did you know that on the east side of Las Palmas, there is also a beach? Yes, that’s right. Las Alcaravaneras beach maybe doesn’t look so attractive at the first sight because of the industry zone in the ocean and the nearest port. But on the other hand, there are plenty of opportunities to do sports. The beach has many volleyball and basketball playgrounds and you can even try kayaking there.


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