The best time for guided surf trip? NOW!

October 20, 2021
surf trip guided

Are you already a skilled surfer but you love the atmosphere of surfcamps? Well, we have the best option for you! Come and enjoy your guided surf trip with us! This way, you will surf the waves with our professional surf guide and relish the feeling of staying in the camp, meeting new people, making friends and sharing memories with other surfers! And what is the best time to do that? NOW!!!


Let´s start from the beginning. First of all, we will explain to you a little more what exactly is a guided surf trip. The guided surf trip is not a surf lesson – it is not about teaching you the basics, filming you, or correcting you… It is an activity for surfers, who are already experienced, able to surf at different conditions, and who desire to get to know the island of Gran Canaria from the surfboard. You may think: “Ok, but what is the benefit then? I can do this on my own…” Well, the benefit is ?‍♂️ our professional surf guide ?‍♂️ ! The surf guide who:

✅ Knows all the waves, corners and conditions of Gran Canaria,

✅ Plans your surf trip with you every day,

✅ Always looks for the best options for surfing during the concrete day – he will check the forecast, combine it with his knowledge of wave conditions, tides and wind and according to your surf level, he will choose the best surf spot and save you a lot of time,

✅ Drives you to a chosen surf spot every day and save your money for gasoline,

✅ Shows you the best spots with fewer people in the water,

✅  Makes your surf trip an unforgettable experience!


No matter at what season of the year are you reading this article, there is no better time to come and enjoy your guided surf trip than right now! You may find articles saying that the best time to come surfing to the Canary Islands is during the wintertime, or from October until March… Yes, if you are looking for the biggest waves, the conditions are the best during this season. But we believe that surfing is not about huge waves, it is not about competing who will surf the highest wave – surfing is about the love for the ocean, about fun and expression of yourself in the waves. And for that, you surely do not need the giant barrels. In Feel Surf Camp, we believe that there is no such thing as a bad wave! Plus, remember? We told you that our experienced surf guide will check the forecast and all of the conditions to always find the best surf spot for you, right?! So when are you coming?


Well, except for all of your personal things, we also recommend you to pack your own wetsuit and surfboard. They are yours and you are already familiar with them, so you will feel more comfortable while surfing. However, if you do not own a surfboard and a wetsuit, or if for any reason, you can´t bring your own equipment, do not worry! With great pleasure, we will lend you ours for free! We have several softboards and also hardboards, and there is also an availability of different Rainbow Magic Quiver surfboards from the owner of FEEL. 


Do you know what is the best? That you can enjoy your guided surf trip and still absorb the atmosphere of surf camp! How? Well, first, you can stay in our surf hostel and have a lot of fun with other surfers there. If for any reason you prefer to stay in a private apartment, we invite you to join us for all of the activities that we organize for our guests! You can attend a yoga class, plant your own tree and say “thank you for hosting me, Gran Canaria!”, you can enjoy a hike with a beautiful sunset from the top of the hill in the volcanic area of Las Palmas, or you can also soak up the history of Las Palmas during our Old City tour!  


Let us finish this article by naming eight reasons why we think that Gran Canaria is the best choice for your next guided surf trip:

1️⃣ More than 100 different waves around the island mean: LESS CROWDS

2️⃣ Very experienced surf guide who knows all the spots and the best time of tides, wind direction, swell size, period, and direction.

3️⃣ Find a friendly relaxed atmosphere in the water

4️⃣ Availability of different surfboards on the Rainbow Magic Quiver of the owner of FEEL

5️⃣ Possibility to get your own surf water photos

6️⃣ Save money in gasoline and renting a car and time looking for the right spot at the right moment

7️⃣ Get good tips about entrance and exit from most of the volcanic rocky spots (95% of the island)

8️⃣ Don’t hassle with localism and find easy-going spots

For more information about GUIDED SURF TRIP click here! We can´t wait to surf with you! ?‍♀️

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