Surfing in La Cícer – 3 basic do´s and don´ts

November 11, 2021
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If you are reading this article, you probably already know us a little. You know that for us in FEEL Surf Camp, surfing is not about lifestyle, expensive branded clothes, and being cool. We see surfing as a possibility to be connected with the ocean and nature. For us, it is a great way to do sport, discover new places, get to know more people and have a good time together. It’s a possibility to express yourself and just be who you are. But to achieve all of that in Gran Canaria, there are some basic rules we follow.

You have probably already read many articles about surf ethics. They explained so many rules, that once you finished reading, you did not remember any of those commandments. And since we do not want to waste your time with another useless article, we collected some of the most important ones that you might want to remember while your next surfing adventure in Gran Canaria.


We guess you feel us when we say that all surf-ethics articles that you find on the internet start with the rule called right of way, explaining that the surfer closest to the peak has the right to enjoy the wave. But you never tried surfing before and you have no idea what exactly is a peak of the wave, right? Let us tell you one thing – you are going to learn surfing in one of the most easy-going and beginner-friendly surf spots in the world called ? Playa La Cícer. Lucky you – you do not have to worry your head with all of this.


La Cícer is a surf spot full of ? surfers of various levels – from beginners to professional ones. The reason is simple – everybody can find the perfect conditions here. More advanced surfers choose the most south part of the beach, where the waves ? usually get bigger and more challenging while beginners can enjoy smaller waves ? perfect for learning in all the other parts of La Cícer.

Of course, you need to be aware of all the surfers around you and you have to be careful not to hurt them or jump with your surfboard right in front of them, but that is the basic rule of respecting other people around you, isn´t it? You will learn how to surf with a small group of beginners and your coach will pick the right place for you. So, the most important thing is to listen to what your instructor says! He is the one who knows this spot, the way that the ocean behaves during various parts of the day, he is familiar with all of the conditions and rules that you do not need to worry about. So, please, put your trust in him and follow what he says. ❗It will prevent you from hurting yourself and other people in the water❗

Speaking about respect, there is one more thing that we need to say. Don´t forget that you are only a visitor and behave accordingly. Take care of everything that this place gives you – both tangible things like surfboard and wetsuit, and intangible assets like the beach and environment. Please, take everything you brought to the beach with you and leave only your footprints there. There are bins everywhere, so use them. Our ocean is not a junkyard! We guess you already heard this saying: „Give respect and you will gain respect!“ ? So please, stick to it!



Yes, this one may be a little harder to follow, especially when you are a beginner. But to not cause an injury ? to yourself and people enjoying surfing around you, you should try to maintain control over your surfboard. It may sound funny, but surfboards can be dangerous weapons! ? Keep this in mind, always wear a leash the way that your instructor tells you. Why? Well, imagine this situation: You try to catch a wave but since you are only a beginner, it may not work out the way you wanted it to. You fall to the water, while your surfboard lives its own life. ? It jumps out of the water and turns into a torpedo rocketing into someone’s head. That´s not something you would like to cause, right?

But, again, we know you are a beginner in this sport, so if your board accidentally touches someone around you, be polite and say sorry. An apology is never a bad thing, right?


However hard it may seem to surf the wave in the beginning, if you stick with it, do not give up, and try hard, you will learn how to do it – that´s what we are sure about! In the end, surfing is not about catching the biggest wave! It is about enjoying the time in the ocean, about expressing yourself through a beautiful water sport, about discovering new places and your own abilities, about meeting new people. Simply, it is about having a good time. ? And we cannot wait to share this unique experience with you! So check our offers, contact us and come surfing as soon as possible! ?

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