The Feel Surf Camp

February 25, 2021

Individuality becomes more and more important in our life. Fortunately, the times of twentieth-century mass tourism to the world’s hot spots is changing to a tailored offer for individuals.

If you are looking for a trip with a maximum of individuality, insider tips, and a lot of fun, you are here at the right address. Our Surf Camp is for:

beginners who want to try a new sport,

curious surfers who want to learn more,

passionate advanced surfers.

✨ Not a lifestyle, but a community!


The focus of the Feel Surf Camp is to help you to have a good time and learn more about surfing. It is not a competition who stands up first or looks best in a wetsuit. Talking about the so-called beach body: We have the beach, please bring your body. That is all. You don’t have to pose for the next family calendar to show how amazing your holidays have been, because better than posing and showing is the feeling that you have amazing holidays! Enjoy some time for yourself, because when there is one thing limited in life then it is time. While you are on your surf holidays in Las Palmas you have the opportunity to chat with people from around the world. So don’t be afraid if you are thinking about traveling alone, making friends is easy when you share something and that is what you do: surfing.

🌿 A surf camp with values

The Feel Surf Camp is a small independent company that works with friends to offer you your best surfing holidays in Gran Canaria. Therefore we welcome you like friends. What we believe is that it needs respectful handling not only with people but with nature as well. We are visitors when we go to ⛱️ the beach, 🌊 the ocean, or 🌲 the forest. It is not about being the perfect person who produces no emissions or never drinks from a plastic straw. The first point would be hardly possible as we are on an island. The second point, well think about it. In the end, it is about the best intention to use nature without destroying nature. Unfortunately, nature gets destroyed each day worldwide. To support the local nature and give something back there is a project called 🌲 Surfers’ Forest 🌲 to support the reforestation on Gran Canaria. Surfing is fun but is it luxury fun. The production of the surf material and the travel to the best waves are producing CO2 emissions which are supporting climate change. This is not what we understand of the respectful use of nature. This is why we successfully try to compensate for this process and to give nature something back.

The Feel Surf Camp is a small independent company that works with friends to offer you your best surfing holidays in Gran Canaria. Therefore we welcome you like friends. We stand for:

respect (regarding people and the environment),

trying our best every day, weather it is your surf lesson or protecting the nature,

✅ support the reforestation with our project the Surfers’ Forest.

🏄 Individuality and values instead of a lifestyle

All in all the Feel Surf Camp is the best choice for everyone who is ready for her/his own journey with surfing. No experience is needed, all levels are welcome. What you should bring is 💡 an open mind, 🏄‍♀️ enthusiasm for surfing, 🏊‍♀️ the ability to swim, 🍀 and the will to connect with the environment. The last two points are important as you will literally dive into nature. We would be happy to welcome you and to create with you your unforgettable individual surf camp experience!


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