Gran Canaria Road Trip – stops you should not miss when you rent a car

September 17, 2021

Are you a person for whom it is not enough to just lie on the beach for the whole week? The one who wants to get to know the culture and nature of your travel destination? Then you should definitely say YES to a road trip adventure during your stay in Gran Canaria! And we are here to help you experience the unique atmosphere of special places on the island – so keep reading!

We created this special list of places you should not miss during your road trip in Gran Canaria just for you. These places are the ones that are harder to reach by bus and we recommend visiting them by car (to find all of the necessary information about car rentals read our article here). So please, let us inspire you…

? Firgas

The water capital of Gran Canaria – that´s how this little village in the northern part of the island is often referred to. Water represents a very important part of its history. It is a home of the sparkling mineral water which is drawn from the nearby spring Barranco de Las Madres and which is believed to be a water of the highest quality on the whole island. But that is not all you need to know about this little charming beauty.

The importance of water is displayed here with a little waterfall created in the middle of Firgas! Trust us, you really do not want to miss a beautiful Paseo de Gran Canaria with lots of colorful mosaics representing individual parts of Gran Canaria. These individual parts or municipalities are represented with their shield of the flag and a bench both made with Sevillian tiles.

And that is still not the end of the story of Firgas! Just above this little waterfall, there is another promenade – Paseo de Canarias on which you can walk through all of the islands of this amazing archipelago! Get to know the basic information about each of the islands and take a picture of stone-made reliefs of them!

Oh, there is one more thing we can´t forget to mention about Firgas – the village offers beautiful and breathtaking views of the whole northern part of the island. You can even see Las Palmas from there!

? Distance from the Surfcamp: 20km

☕ Coffee plantation Agaete

If Firgas is the water capital of Gran Canaria, then Agaete is a coffee treasure of Europe. Why? Because it is the home of the only coffee plantation on our continent!

Visiting this unique place will take you back to history and you will taste the flavors from the past. In Agaete, the traditional ways of producing coffee are still kept alive. For more than 300 years the farmers have been treating and cultivating Arabic coffee plants exactly the same way, which became a carefully protected tradition now. Fertile lava soils and a perfectly mild climate throughout the whole year is what helps the farmers to produce tastes and products you´ve never tried before. Cheese with a coffee? Coffee marmalade? It all comes true in this place. So please, do not miss it!

?Distance from the Surfcamp: 37km

? Pico de las Nieves

To enjoy the views, appreciate the place, soak up the unrepeatable atmosphere, and fall in love with the island even more, there is nothing better than to enjoy it from the highest peak! That is the reason why you need to stop at Pico de las Nieves and enjoy the beautiful sunset or sunrise above the sea… But now, we do not talk about the sea full of fish. Now, we talk about the sea of romantic white clouds and Tenerife floating on it. And you do not even need to be a romantic soul to relish the moment at 1.949 meters height above sea level!

The road leading to Pico de las Nieves is also an experience to remember! As there are many military areas around this place, you may see some soldiers while driving but do not panic! They are just using the same road as you ?. Once you get to the free parking, you can enjoy the amazing views, take pictures for your Instagram (or just for you), and absorb the feeling of Gran Canaria!

? Distance from the Surfcamp: 40km

⛰️ Roque Nublo

The second highest peak of Gran Canaria with 1.813 meters high above sea level. A place mentioned in all the travel guides and articles about this paradise. A landmark of the island. A natural monumental situated in a volcanic mountain setting. A place to enjoy the sunset of your lifetime. Do we need to say more to motivate you to stop here? We don´t think so…

There is just one little problem with this amazing place – reaching it by bus is complicated and takes a lot of time… That´s why you need to make it a part of your unforgettable road trip! But reserve enough time for this stop because you will not be able to park the car at the top, of course! The parking is situated 1,5km below the top, which means that you will need approximately 30 minutes (and a good pair of shoes) to reach the place with the most beautiful views…

? Distance from the Surfcamp: 42km

? Mirador del Balcón

If you can´t get enough of the viewpoints in Gran Canaria, we have the perfect one for you! Hanging from the cliffs of Tamadaba Natural Park, Mirador del Balcón offers views of the never-ending ocean with the island of Tenerife right in the middle. This iconic place is often occupied by those who want to take professional photos of stars shining above our beloved island. And if you look to the left while standing on this balcony facing the ocean, you will see a dragon! No, we are not trying to fool you… There is a wall made of zig-zag cliffs known as Dragon Tail. This place is just magical…

To get to this viewpoint, you need to move a little to the south from Agaete and travel through the old coastal road which used to link Agaete with La Aldea de San Nicolás. This road is really curvy and steep, so please, be careful! But as that song says: Life´s a climb but the view is great!

? Distance from the Surfcamp: 57km

?️ Road GC-200

If you are a fan of adrenalin roads, we have one for you. A special one that is believed to be the most dangerous road of Spain! The one that belongs to the list of Europe´s top drive with cliff edge moments. The one that will offer you one of the best coastal drives in the whole world. So are you ready for the hell of a ride?

If the answer is YES then take a ride between Agaete and Puerto de Mogán and experience 55 kilometers of curves, ascending, descending and most importantly, of beautiful views! And now, we are not only talking about amazing pictures of the blue ocean. On this road, you will discover cliffs, rocks and also a forest of Gran Canaria! Believe us, this is a ride you want to remember, so do not forget to equip yourself with a camera with a full battery and empty memory card! But let us warn you that this road is nothing for nervous drivers and people who get sick in the car. We think you already guessed it from our words, but just to make sure….

? Playa Güi Güi

If adventurous is the word that describes you the best, imagine this: you wake up on the beautiful sunny morning, get into the car and drive through the most dangerous road of Spain. You stop in a small village on the west side of the island called Tasartico, put on your swimming suit and your hiking shoes. You enjoy an amazing 5-km long hike through the volcanic country with constant ascents and descents that may tire you a little. But at the end of this hike, you will find an amazing secret beach with wild sand and views of Teide volcano, which seems to be the place of your dreams. So are you ready for this adventure?

Playa Güi Güi is one of the few virgin beaches left on this island. What you need to know is that it is located in an area of high environmental value! Nowadays, this beach is declared to be a Special Nature Reserve and an Area of Ecological Sensitivity. So, believe us or not, this hike is worth the effort! There is just one thing you need to remember while enjoying the beach – you will need to get back to your car which will take some time and energy…

Distance from the Surfcamp: 77km

So which places will you visit during your road trip around Gran Canaria? Let us know in the comments! For more road trip tips click on our Gran Canaria Map!

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