Traveling around Gran Canaria – what means of transport should you use?

September 13, 2021

Have you decided to come and spend the best time of your life surfing the waves of Gran Canaria? Amazing! We can´t wait to meet you! But before you come, let us give you a few tips about moving around the island.

As we already told you, Gran Canaria is such a diverse island. Here, you can enjoy the beach life, walk the sand dunes, discover the tropical rainforest, or make a little hike to experience the most beautiful sunset from the highest point of the island. But how to get there and enjoy it all? And how to even get to the surf camp from the airport? No worries, we have all the answers!

✈️ Traveling from airport

This is probably the first thing you need to arrange when you land. The airport of Gran Canaria is situated 25 kilometers to the south from our surf camp. That means you need to use some means of transport to get to us. And what options do you have? Here is a short list:

      ✅ Surf camp transfer

      ✅ Bus

      ✅ Rent a car

1. Surf camp transfer

If you are one of the holidaymakers who want to have all the services secured in advance and do not have to worry about anything, this is the best option for you! We are here to organize a transfer for you! Our driver will pick you up from the airport, help you with your luggage and drive you directly to your accommodation where we will wait for you! Is there an easier way to start your surf adventure?

? Price for the transfer: 35€ paid in cash or by card directly to the driver.

2. Bus

Do you want to feel like a local from the first moment on the island? Then save your money and use the bus! Sure, it is less comfortable with all the luggage, but the bus routes are perfectly arranged here! The buses are modern, equipped with air-conditioning and you can also charge your phone there!

So, if the bus is your choice, find the bus station in front of the airport and take bus number 60 or 91 to the final station Parque Santa Catalina. When you take off the bus in Santa Catalina, you need to walk to our camp for about 15 – 20 minutes.

? Find the timetable here!

? Price: 2,95€ / person (You can pay in cash or by card. If you pay in cash, you should know, that the drivers accept the banknotes of 20€ maximum!)

3. Rent a car

The last option you have is to rent a car from the airport and use it during your whole stay. But to be honest, we do not recommend this option to our guests! The reason is that parking in Las Palmas is kind of expensive and also hard to find. That´s why we recommend you book a private garage for ? 50€ per week. If you decide to stay in our surf hostel then you can also consider an option to park your car in Parking del Rincon – the price here is 2,50€ per day! 

If you want to rent a car anyway, let us know in advance and we will try to help you with everything!

? Car rentals

When we already started to talk about cars, let’s continue with this topic… We strongly recommend you rent a car and discover the beauty of this island (but as we already told you, not for the whole trip, just for the specific days). There are some parts of the island, that you reach by car only. For example, the highest peak of the island Roque Nublo, or the second one Pico de Las Nieves. Both of those places are the ones you really should not miss while being here! The secret tip – from here, you can enjoy the most beautiful sunsets of your life! But if you wanted to get there by bus, it would take a lifetime… Another great tip for your car trip is the northwest part of the island. Here you can ride through one of the most dangerous roads in the whole of Spain! 

So renting a car is something you really want to do in Gran Canaria! Good news – the cars are really cheap here! If you let us know in advance, we will try to rent it for you from our partner Autos Sansu for only ? 25€ per day! What more do you need for a perfect road trip? Maybe some good tips for your destinations? Well, here you are – this is a map we created for you! 

?️ Motorbike/scooter rentals

Yes, you can do it here as well. But again, it is something we do not recommend to our guests. At least, not the small scooters. The reason is, that this island is not like Bali or Ibiza… Read the beginning of this article again – IT IS SO DIVERSE HERE! These roads could be really dangerous for the scooters… 

But if you are an adventurous soul and want to rent a motorbike anyway, you can do it in many of the car rental companies around the city. And again, if you need our help with renting, let us know!

? Price: around 30€ / day.

? Bus trips

Traveling around Gran Canaria by bus is really easy and comfortable. The buses are big, they go really often and there are more than 200 bus routes around the island! What you need to know about this means of transport is that there are two types of buses in Las Palmas – Guaguas Global and Guaguas Municipal (yes, guagua is the Canarian word for a bus ?). So let´s talk about them a little more. 

If you want to travel around the island, you need to look for the Guaguas Global, which are blue and stop at the main stations in Las Palmas – Estacion Parque Santa Catalina and Estacion San Telmo. From these bus stations, you can take a bus to Maspalomas, Puerto Rico, Playa de Inglés, Puerto de Mogán, Agaete, or any other place you would like to visit. And what about the ? schedules and ? prices? Well, for example, if you dream to visit the sand dunes of Maspalomas, you can take a bus number 30, pay 6,80€ and in not more than 1,5 hours, you can enjoy this tourist destination! 

Find all of the information about the schedules and prices of Guaguas Global here!

And what about Guaguas Munincipal? Those are the yellow buses that you can see everywhere in Las Palmas. They travel around the city and believe us, you are never too far away from the bus stop. They can for example take you to the historical part of the city. The price is 1,40€ for one ride and you can only pay by cash! However, if you will stay in Las Palmas for longer and you will use them more often, we recommend you buy a bus card called Bono guagua sin contacto – with this card, you can have 10 rides just for ? 8,50€! 

For more information about the routes click here and for information about the cards click here!

Secret tip: You can also find all the information about the routes of both types of buses in your Google Maps app on your phone! It really works here! ?

If you have any questions about getting around the island of Gran Canaria, do not hesitate to ask us – we are here for you!


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